Christina Jack Designs - Full Sewn
Christina Jack  - The Style Musician
Full Sew-In
A full sew-in has absolutely no hair out
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Ful Sew-InFull Sew-InFull Sew-InFull Sew-In
Full Sew-In w/ Invisible PartFull Sew-InFull Sew-In w/Invisible PartFull Sew-In
Full Sew-In w/ Lace ClosureFull Sew-InFull Sew-In w/ Lace closureFull Sew- In
Full Sew-In w/ Lace closureFull Sew-In w/ partialMicro BraidsFull Sew-InFull Sew-In
Full Sew-InFull Sew-In w/ invisible partFull Sew-in w/invisible partFull Sew-In w/invisible part
Full Sew-in w/Lace closure
full sewin with illusion partillusion part
lace closure full sew-inlace closurelace closure full sew-inBob Life
Curls for the
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